Fred’s at Barneys

Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 1It was my darling Gigi who first introduced me to the magical world of Barney’s this past summer.

So when it came to choosing a delicious brunch spot for her, Starr and I to reunite at after the long holidays, we knew exactly where we wanted to go.


Perched atop the Barney’s Chicago store, Fred’s towers over Hermès, Prada and other luxury shops off Oak Street with spectacular views from the windows and the balcony (in summer, obviously).

Gigi and I couldn’t wait to introduce Starr to the delicious food and minimal-chic atmosphere!

Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 2Nails Inc Victoria Victoria Beckham Bamboo White Nail PolishIf you’ve followed my posts over the past few weeks, you no doubt know I’ve fallen hard for this Nails Inc. X Victoria, Victoria Beckham collaboration polish in ‘Bamboo White’.

In the blogger world, whenever you find an obsession-worthy beauty product, it’s imperative that you bring it to a brunch date with the girls, so everyone can oooh and aaah over it.

It’s like an adult-version of coloring with crayons before a meal.

Especially since this little bottle of polish is so luxe! It’s in a heavy black glass vial whose aesthetic just screams Barney’s. I mean, doesn’t it match the menus well?

Now on to food!!Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago MenuThe Fred’s Brunch Menu is far more extensive than I expected, giving me decision anxiety over the traditional brunch question of:

To Breakfast or To Lunch?

That is the question!Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 7 I love the beautifully modern aesthetic of Fred’s counter-balanced with all the warm, rich woods. There’s also a huge fireplace along the wall that adds warmth to the minimal space.Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 6 Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 4Fred’s starts all brunches off with a whopper of a bread basket piled high with muffins, different slices of bread and mini scones. Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago 5My favorite is the salty focaccia!Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 17Gigi opted for the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake which is served atop creamy coleslaw & lemon mustard aioli. For an appetizer, this was substantial with giant chunks of whole crab in eat bite. I love a good crab cake and Fred’s did not disappoint!Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 15 Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 22 Starr ordered the Prosciutto With Arugula And Parmesan Cheese: thinly sliced parma ham, mozzarella and, you guessed it, arugula. Salty, crunchy and delicious!

And you already knew I had a thing for covering my “pizzas” in arugula.Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 10Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 11I ultimately ordered another of Fred’s Artisan Pizzas, the Emilia Romagna: fresh mozzarella and parmesan all drizzled with aceto balsamico. Delicate sweetness from the balsamico and sharp saltiness from the cheeses?

This the ultimate sweet-salty pizza!

Sophisticated and savory yet with an echo sweet flavor.Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 14Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 8Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 13 And who can resist such bubbly cheese?Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 20 Care for a slice?Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 24 Caramelized Apple Tart with cinnamon ice cream followed…Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 25As well as this SINFUL Mascarpone & Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake with fresh berries and raspberry sauce.
Fred's at Barneys NYC Chicago Restaurant 27

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Nothing beats a brunch with my girls ending in such scrumptious #DessertPorn!

Check out Gigi’s recap of our Fred’s brunch HERE and Starr’s recap HERE too!

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