Indianapolis || Napolese Pizzeria

Back in September (where did the time go?!), my Mom and I road-tripped down to Indianapolis to celebrate my sister Emily’s birthday. Emily took us to a delectable little spot in the Fashion Mall called Napolese Pizzeria where we ate a meal so delicious, I just had to share.Napolese Pizzeria Wine Tiffany Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Band RingOur dinner began with a ceremonial birthday toast. My nail color is OPI ‘Dulce de Leche’ (here) and my sister’s leaf ring was my gift to her for being my maid of honor at our wedding (here). I’m always so touched that she wears it to our get-togethers, even over 18 months after our wedding. For a healthy starter to our meal, we had a deliciously simple salad of arugula, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt (devoured before being documented).
Napolese Pizzeria Mushroom and Pepper Pizza Napolese Pizzeria Fashion Mall Indianapolis Pizza Then came our PIZZA! In case you’ve ever wondered why my username on Instagram is MushroomStew, you can blame my family. We have some sort of obsessive, compulsive addiction to mushrooms. And whenever we order pizza, it must, MUST, contain a healthy serving of fungi! So we ordered a simple pizza that evening of mushrooms and roasted peppers. The house-made tomato sauce was fragrant and the mozzarella gooey but we all loved the rich flavor of the roasted mushrooms the best. Napolese Pizzeria Indianapolis Fashion Mall Review Salt Cellar Mom was impressed that she could season her pizza with three different sea salt options!Napolese Pizzeria Fashion Mall Sweet Pizza But then came the most important part of any birthday meal – dessert! Since Mom had specially brought a Portillo’s Chocolate Cake for us to celebrate with later (only Chicagoans will understand how important this is), we didn’t put a candle on this dessert pizza. But it tasted divine! Flaky, slightly crunchy dough drizzled in rich nutella, chocolate chips, powdered sugar and an extra-creamy scoop of vanilla gelato. Napolese Pizzeria Dessert Sweet Pizza NutellaI just want to start licking the screen! If you are ever in Indianapolis, be sure to stop and grab some pizza at Napolese at one of their three locations — and don’t forget to order the dessert pizza (as if you would)!

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