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A few weeks ago, Soraya, Katherine, Gigi and I had a blogger lunch at Chicago’s Eataly, one of 27 locations around the world offering a unique marriage of high-quality Italian groceries and restaurants all under one roof.Eataly ChicagoThis was my very first visit to Eataly and I knew I had found a new obsession when I was greeted at the front entrance by the store’s signature quote: “Life is too short not to drink well”. Eataly Chicago Skate EntreeWe ate lunch at Il Pesce, Eataly’s seafood restaurant, where I tried Skate (a type of stingray) for the first time. Once known as “trash fish”, the sweet-fleshed Skate is actually quite meaty and surprisingly easy to eat. While I won’t likely order this the every time I see it on the menu, it’s an interesting detour from a more typical fish entrée. My dish, entitled “Razza”, was beautifully presented with Romesco Broccoli and a bright white wine butter sauce.After our meal, we wandered through the over-flowing grocery aisles in a vain attempt to make room for some dessert…

Eataly Olive Oil Eataly Chicago Breads Eataly Produce Grocery Eataly Chicago Cheese Counter Eataly Chicago Cheese Eataly Seafood CounterStocked with high-quality, Italian foods, Eataly’s grocery aisles truly are a foodie paradise – I could easily find myself wandering through the throng of culinary nirvana all afternoon. Their bread, seafood, cheese, and produce offerings were astounding in both their diverse selection and high quality.  Eataly Desserts Eataly Desserts IIInevitably we found ourselves at the dessert cases and may or may not have fogged up the glass with our salivating. Each little dessert was its own work of art and Eataly’s attention to detail reminded me a lot of the desserts H and I enjoy each time we travel to Europe. Sometimes it’s the little things which amount to the most, eh? I’ve found that to be especially true with desserts.But in the end we opted to forgo the fancy desserts and try Eataly’s famed gelato instead. Their creamy, perfectly sweet gelato flavors are the stuff of legend! I opted to try both the Pistachio and the Tiramisu but Katherine’s Sea Salted Caramel was the clear winner (though, is there such a thing as losing when it comes to gelato flavors?).Hobbs Dress at Eataly ChicagoI wore a powder-blue polka dot dress from Hobbs (on sale here and new season navy-version here), navy LK Bennett pumps, and my Gigi New York Jessica Tote with Gucci Pug Keychain (along with extra cloth shopping bags for groceries of course). I absolutely love the tailored pleating on this dress and will have to pay further tribute to its elegance in a future post.Gigi New York Jessica ToteSide note: Gucci dubbed this pug keychain “Oliver” and I find the name very fitting. When I can’t have our real pugs with us, Oliver is a fairly decent stand-in (sadly, snorting is not included).I ended up bringing home a whopping piece of brioche focaccia from the bread counter too because clearly I needed more food. It did make the most delectable (and photogenic) breakfast the next morning.

You can read Gigi’s write-up of our Eataly blogger lunch here.

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