Embracing Autumn in August

Chanel Autumn Nail Polish Frenzy Rouge Noir OrageIt feels like the whole world is pining for fall right now. There’s something so magical about blustery winds sweeping golden leaves around, curling up into cozy sweaters, and making batch after batch of soul-soothing soup. It’s a season of savoring pleasures and of enjoying the bounty life has to offer. Sadly, we still have a few more weeks until autumn truly arrives which makes the back-to-school shopping and fall fashion pouring into stores now feel just a tad premature. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn fashion and I spend eager amounts of time pouring through new arrivals online but as much as I may want to curl up into a cashmere sweater RIGHT NOW, the weather simply will not cooperate. So how can one embrace autumn in August? With some moody nail polish of course!

My top three nail polish picks for fall are all from Chanel. Their beautiful formulas, easy application, and unique colors have become my favorites over the years. I’m quite the manicure klutz so my polish needs to be hardy, durable and yet beautiful. These three Chanel colors all paint very well and are opaque after two coats. They are also fairly chip-resistant, though, in the interest of full-disclosure, I have two dogs, usually cook at least one meal from scratch everyday, do laundry and dishes, and work full-time as a blogger and photographer so TO ME chip-resistant means my polish lasted 24 hours.

From left to right:

1. No. 559 ‘Frenzy’ (here). My all-time favorite polish. EVER. This isn’t really an autumn polish, it’s more of a “I suit every mood ever” type. I’m not kidding. I wear this color each and every month religiously and I doubt I will stop anytime soon. I consider this color to be the holy grail of nudes: somehow balancing gray, lilac, and taupe notes into a shade that’s flattering on almost every skin tone. BONUS: this shade will magically enhance your nails, effectively making them appear longer and lovelier.

2. No. 18 ‘Rouge Noir’ (here). The number on the bottle says it all. This color is the ORIGINAL dark polish. Created in 1995, this polish has always been a bestseller, spotted everywhere from the Chanel catwalk, to Pulp Fiction, and Madonna music videos (you can read a little history about the color here). It’s the quintessential autumn polish: a black-blood hue that looks like a deep burgundy on my pale skin:

Chanel No 18 Rouge Noir

3. No. 631 ‘Orage’ (here). In French, orage means storm or tempest which is the perfect description for this near-black shade of moody blue. Not-so-ironically, this color reminds me a lot of the cloudy sky in Giorgione’s masterpiece The Tempest. Part of Chanel’s autumn/winter 2014 collection, Orage evokes the dark, gothic sentiments of fall while managing to be have more depth than a simple black polish. The polish itself does look black indoors but transforms in direct sunlight to a more muted blue-gray. It’s a beautiful color with an enormous amount of depth to it and for a dark shade, the formula was surprisingly easy to work with. Perhaps it’s only because I love a good thunderstorm but I absolutely adore Orage and will no doubt be wearing it all autumn.

How are you embracing autumn in August?

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